Sunday, January 04, 2009

Week 1 - Review: The Quilting Arts Book

If you're just getting started with art quilts, you could have no better guide than The Quilting Arts Book: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating One-of -a -Kind Quilts by Patricia "Pokey" Bolton.
Pokey, with her husband John, has transformed her love of all things fiber into quite an empire, and Quilting Arts (QA) magazine is the crown jewel. If you've never opened an issue of QA , TQAB is a great way to catch up on all the creativity you've missed. One of the hallmarks of the magazine is great photography, and the book does not disappoint. You'll also find the directions to be clear and concise. There are step-by-by step shots when needed, and closeups provide excellent support for the text directions and descriptions. While the techniques are grouped, you would not have a problem hopscotching around, trying the techniques that interest you first, and then circling back to the others. If you already have a subscription to QA, much of the text and photos used in the book will be familiar to you. However, there are some wonderful additions, and having a book filled with so many techniques to try is preferable to lugging out 29 issues of QA.

I have few improvements to suggest; if I were a beginner, I'd appreciate a robust glossary, as many of the tools and terms used may be new to budding quilt artists; the Resources and Supplier lists are skimpy, but since Quilting Arts has a well-stocked store, you could simply find the supplies and a wide selection of books through them.

One of the best things about art quilts is that the process is part of the creative journey. You may start with one idea, and the simple process of creating leads you to entirely different and more satisfying place. The Quilting Arts Book is an excellent travel guide for your art quilt adventure, and I highly recommend it.

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