Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Art Adventure on Riverside or It's A Small World, After All

Last night I went to the opening of Judy Langille's Torn Forms exhibit.  I first met Judy when I was stranded (although I guess it's not stranded if you're at home) by American Airlines last year on my way to IQF Chicago.  When it became apparent I was not going to my Thermofax workshop in Chicago, I looked around for local classes, and found Judy's class at the Newark Museum.  It opened up a completely different way for me to explore surface design, and I bought a Thermofax machine as a direct result of that class.

Judy has a wonderful eye for color and texture.  Her designs are simple and wonderfully complex at the same time.  To each element in the piece, she adds glorious textures.  The Treasure Room Gallery at the Interchurch Center offered a perfect background for her beautiful art.

The piece pictured on the right was my favorite.  My photo does little justice to the ethereal quality of the piece, which appeared to be a silk organza.  It floated above us, ever so slightly undulating--sheer beauty.  For me, it is an inspirational/aspirational piece.

I wished I had gotten a photo of Judy in front of one of her pieces.  By the time I caught up with her, I didn't want to interrupt her.  Fortunately, Rayna Gillman posted a photo on her blog.

Judy is teaching a Torn Paper and Textures workshop at the Newark Museum.  You can download the pdf by clicking here.  I've created a Picasa album for the evening.

It is a small world!  On my way to the museum, I ran into a neighbor/artist, Lisa, who was with another friend, Susan.  We are all so very connected, and I for one am thankful for it.  I love being around creative people!  In the photo, left-to right;  Rachel and I both belong to Garden State Quilters.  I met Rayna in person, (long after we met online) at a batik class; Sherry and I have a wide variety of connections.  Joan & I live in the same town.  Wonderful artists, all!

Rayna graciously offered me a ride back to NJ.  Rachel, Rayna, Sherry and I talked nonstop, finding that we had more friends in common.  We will likely take another art adventure together in the future.  Sherry gave me a lift back to my car, and I invited her to take a peek in on our Tuesday Night Group.  As I didn't have a machine with me, I helped another friend, Beverly, stuff some of the 300 goddess dolls she's made.  I will post a picture of Bev and her dolls soon.

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Rachel said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I loved looking at the gallery.