Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Being Flexible

Have you ever been in this situation?  You're with a group of people doing an activity, and something unplanned, and inconvenient happens.  How you do respond?

As the Program co-chair for Garden State Quilters, one of the responsibilities I share with Becky Dieckmann (my co-chair) is attending the workshops as the host.  The workshop was in my church's beautiful parish hall when all of a sudden, the irons blew the circuit. I'll tell you what I did as host in a minute, but my question to you is would you:

a) complain about not being able to work in a suitable space, but stay;
b) ask for your money back and go home;
c) stay and do what you can do until the lights come back on;
d) find a comfy chair and nap.

As the host, I tried to (unsuccessfully) find a circuit box with a tripped switch, then called someone to help.  I am happy, proud, impressed as hell to say the other ten people and the instructor chose (c).  While they could have done any of the other things, and justifiably so, they did what I would have done had I been on the other side.  There is a proverb, which is believe is Jewish in origin:  It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.  I have always loved this saying, but did not know I would understand it literally.

Many thanks are also due to the instructor, Didi Salvatierra, who was able to direct us to non-electrical tasks while we waited for the lights.  Everyone present possessed two important life skills which are necessary, but cannot be taught: flexibility, and a sense of humor.


Didi Salvatierra said...

Absolutely! Love your comments...flexibility and resourcefulness are the best gifts we can receive. It was a "don't sweat the small stuff" kind of moment (make that, hour) and we certainly made the most of it.
You did a wonderful job putting the wheels in motion to find a solution to the dilemma. We forged ahead and I was delighted the group was a "no whining" one! Remember the pioneer women who sewed and quilted before electricity!

Sue said...

Aleeda! This is Sue from Carol Soderlund's class. I found your blog through Rayna's. Anyway, I wanted to say that when I was program chair for my guild, we bought a bunch of travel irons because everyone would bring their big irons and inevitably blow the circuit! They should put that in the program chair's description. "Able to find breaker box and flip switches." Anyway, glad your group powered through it. And glad to connect up with you here.