Thursday, October 29, 2009

The studio is open! The studio is open!

Folks who know me know that they can come to me and ask me how to do something, and if I know it, I'll be happy to tell, show, or teach them; if I don't know, I'll direct them to someone who likely does.  I've gained a lot of knowledge by asking, or traveling to shows and attending classes.  Everyone I've met has been generous with the knowledge, and it has helped me grow artistically.

Now it's my turn.  I am a part of a studio, Inspired ACTS, and I plan to use the studio to share the fiber arts and crafts I've learned over the years.  There'll be dyeing, surface design, traditional and art quilt techniques, wearables, accessories....who knows what else?  I'm learning new things every day!

The studio is located in Workspace Harlem, at 2340 Fifth Avenue between 141 and 142 Streets.  It's easily accessible by train or bus, and free parking is plentiful (by NYC standards).  The studio has ginormous windows providing natural light, plus great overhead lighting.  Our studio was once a science lab, and we have sinks in the room.  We have a large table, design wall, and ironing tables (you can't see the ironing tables from this angle).  On the design wall is a banner created by the three studio mates which will greet you as you enter the studio.  We're finalizing the class schedule, so please visit the site, and sign up for our email updates.

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