Monday, November 05, 2007

Houston 07 Day 2 & 3 Summary

I have returned from Houston inspired and broke, but what a ride! I spent Saturday, my birthday, with the vendors. On Sunday, in addition to the clocks being set back, I was mixed up about the opening time for the show, and had an hour to kill with Ron. It was fun to share the quilts with him, and point out work done by my friends, and/or special techniques. The best thing about Festival is the inspiration, not only from the awesome quilts, but the amazing things that vendors are showing! If you are into mixed media art, you are sure to lose your mind--and love it!

So many AA quilters I ran into said they had a great time yesterday, and I am sending out the complete list today so everyone can stay in contact. If you would like your name added to my AA quilters database, please send me an email. Also, I can highly recommend checking out the link to African American Quilters Yahoo! Group, or Quilters of Color of NY, which has an inexpensive associate membership.

I am taking photos of my quilts this week and look forward to posting them!

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