Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back on the Block

Okay, I've been trifling. But I have been productive! Though I missed Houston this year, I am excited about a number of things these days. I have recently been juried into a local crafts show in South Orange, NJ Dec. 4-7. I have also submitted a list of classes that I'd like to teach, and have gotten interest in a Memory Quilt class. Like many people I am a procrastinator. But when I have to get things in for a deadline, I am focused. Lately, I've been dyeing and embellishing some silk pieces, and working on felted scarves and soap. I love fiber, and the exploration of many types of fiber is a critical part of my journey. I am posting some photos of my quilts, and have ideas for many more, including an Obama quilt, which I will begin working on right after I get going on my Mermaid quilts, which are due in January. I have used these past few months to finish a number of pieces, and (in addition to my job search) to focus on activities which restore my creative self. I am commiting to writing at least one blog entry a week, and posting as many photos as I can, one at a time. The quilt shown is titled Market Women, and used a batiked appliqué with a background that is a combination of cotton, and a sheer "party dress" fabric. I enjoyed doing this piece because it let me see what was possible and not just what is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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