Monday, November 24, 2008

Quilters of Color and quilters' generosity

One of the wonders of being a quilter is discovering how generous they are. I am currently serving as President of Quilters of Color, a guild which has members of all colors, though we are primarily African American. Last Saturday, we had a visit from Ms. Jolli Brown, who is on the staff of LIU. Jolli is working on a collaborative effort in which they train teachers to teach in urban areas, and as part of that program LIU is hosting a film in April, and is providing activities where young women, predominantly young women of color, can learn to quilt and get involved in some media production.
At one point, Jolli asked for suggestions about the program, and boy, did she get them! As quilters, we have a vested interest in "passing the thimble", as Alex Anderson likes to say, and specifically, quilters of color have an interest in building not only our quilting community, but our communities at large. The ideas came in fast and furious, and I am looking forward to our participation in this event.
I am being uber productive, and have hit an unforeseen snag. My machine picks its moments to act up, and I had to return it to my dealer, and get a loaner. This is one of the benefits of buying a machine from a dealer. Try getting a loaner from Walmart or Costco in a pinch. :-) I have attached photos of one of the Christmas stockings I've made. An all-nighter is looming!

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