Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creative Women's Collective

I attended my first meetup (I promise I'll submit another post extolling the brilliance of with the Creative Women's Collective.  The meeting was held in Glen Ridge, NJ, at the studio of one of the members, and I got to meet ten like-minded, creative spirits.

The CWC is focused on the mission of networking with other people who create and sell handcrafted products.  Creating your art is often a solitary activity; working craft shows on your own gets tired pretty quickly.  The CWC offers not only a support network for selling, but also the collective (pun intended) intellectual and creative capacity of the other group members. Last night, we discussed venues and sales opportunities, but we also discussed the business of owning businesses like ours, sharing successes and pitfalls.

This was the first meeting of the year, and the topic of discussion was how many shows to participate in and which ones were worthwhile.  The group is fun and open, with everyone's input sought and respected .  An upcoming meeting will talk about accounting.  If you're interested in joining the group, visit and use the search feature at the top right hand of the page; enter Creative Women's Collective.  Alternately, you can certainly search for craft seller meetups in your area, or start your own meetup; get on out there!

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